Hey guys! We are Jared and Haley Rhodes.  We love the mountains, our tiny house, rock climbing, dogs, and hard cider.  Also, anything that involves good food!

Jared is a designer and custom cabinet maker by trade and has always dreamed of building his own tiny home.  Over the course of 6 months he designed and built Tiny Mountain Rhodes with the help of his fiancee, Haley. Jared is also an avid outdoorsmen and has a love for rock climbing.  If he’s not at the wood shop building something he is most definitely on a rock face somewhere!

Haley is a personal trainer and yoga teacher. If you told her a year ago that she would be living in a tiny house with two dogs and a cabinet maker she would have said, “No way!” She’s a lover of the great outdoors, dogs, and cooking. If she is not outside you can usually find her in the kitchen snacking or in bed cuddling her pug 🙂