It’s Holiday Season!

We are official in the depths of the Holiday Season! I wondered how this season would go in the tiny… seeing as we don’t have room for a christmas tree or to have tons of people in the house.  A little creativity and flexibility goes a long way though… and having very low maintenance friends and family 🙂

15202685_10207820024247710_1555191807544135983_nThanksgiving was our first big holiday in the house and we were very excited to host family members and friends.  A few friends from Virginia came down as well as Haley’s dad from Florida! Now we have room in our tiny to sleep one person, maybe two, if they don’t mind getting cozy.  No one took us up on this offer though!  Fortunately where we live there is a tiny house that is on Air B&B and a room on Air B&B for fairly cheap!  So, if your guests aren’t down with getting extra cozy in the tiny house with you hotels, Air B&B, and camping is always a good option!

Our house is very comfortably set up for two or three people.  When I found out there would be five of us eating Thanksgiving Dinner here I started to panic a little.  Four we could make work at our little kitchen table, but FIVE… I just couldn’t see that working out very well. Again, having very low maintenance friends and family who equally love the outdoors as much as you makes things much easier!  We ended up cooking most of our dinner on the grill and eating on the front porch in camping chairs!  It was relaxed, fun, and way less stressful than any other holiday meal I have ever attended.  The clean up wasn’t bad either! 15319045_187731388355038_657913328110239760_n15284913_187731368355040_8071037319132721757_n


So, my suggestions for entertaining at your tiny home would be:

  1. Make sure your guests don’t mind being outside.  Setting up a tent in case of bad weather is always a good idea too!
  2. Cooking big meals (pretty hard on a two or three burner stove/or not having an oven).  Don’t go crazy, pick three or four courses for your meal and draw the line.  No one needs 10 dishes at dinner time!  Cook what your kitchen can handle inside and plan for something to be cooked outside too on a grill or open fire.
  3. Use paper plates.  Not usually an advocate at all for paper/plastic plates, but depending if your off grid or not plays a huge role in this decision. If you are on grid doing lot of dishes and using a lot of water one day isn’t a big deal.  Very opposite for off grid living!
  4. Go with the flow!  Don’t stress during the holidays!  Your friends and family are happy to be with you at your tiny home enjoying the day together.  It’s ok if your entertaining isn’t as extravagant as it was when you lived in a normal size home.


So, can you entertain family and friends this holiday season in your tiny home? YES.


Best wishes and happy holidays!!

Haley & Jared



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  1. Sounds great you guys! I love reading about how you’re getting along with your tiny home. I am living vicariously through you – I could never get my husband to live in a tiny house 😦

    Thank you for sharing,



  2. When I first glanced at your guests sitting outside, I thought how cozy. Then I realized that it looks like fencing on each side and the reason it looks so cozy is that it’s like an extra room on the tiny house. Nicely done


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