Design-What’s Right for YOUR Family

When it comes to small spaces, design is everything. I’m sure we have all seen some really well planned out tiny homes, and some really not so well planned designs.   Just a quick search through Google and you’ll find pictures of houses that you LOVE and houses that you absolutely despise. The first thing to take into consideration when you are planning your tiny home is your lifestyle…or the lifestyle you are striving to live!

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No couch, no problem!

Within the first five minutes of people walking into our home they ask why we have not made room for a couch or sitting area. Simple truth is we never sat on a couch when we had one in a normal sized house. We were either at work, hiking or climbing, outside with the dogs, or in bed. A couch didn’t fit into our lives pre tiny and it literally doesn’t fit in our lives now! You only have so much room on a 20’ trailer and the things that matter to you need to take priority in the space!

Every one and every family has a unique lifestyle and needs. Before you even sit down at the drawing table to plan your home you should think about a few things:


  1. What is your lifestyle like now? Do you want that to change at all after you transition into tiny living?
  2. How long do you plan to live in a tiny house? Will the number of people living in the house change over time (kids)?
  3. Do you have a favorite feature of your current home that you would miss terribly if you moved into a tiny?


I just want to give you an example about this. Maybe right now you are thinking about tiny living, but you don’t know what kind of design would suit you. Currently you are a big fat couch potato, because you commute to work everyday, are completely exhausted when you get home, and don’t have enough energy to do anything that makes you happy. Then one day you see this tiny house movement on TV and think…”Hey I think I could do that!” You seriously start to consider selling your home and moving into a tiny, so you can change careers or maybe work part time. Now you are at a crossroads. If you plunge in, your lifestyle is completely going to change. Do you still want a big fluffy couch you can watch TV on and snack all night? Or do you want to just cut that out of your life completely and use that space in your house for a mini rock-climbing wall?

**This is a little to the extreme, but you get my point. I also am not knocking any couch potatoes, I too sometimes miss curling up on the couch for a nice movie, but now I just do that in the loft**


Now that you’ve thought about that a little you can start to plan what design elements will fit YOU the best to make tiny living an extremely enjoyable thing.

Go into as many tiny homes as possible and see what feels best to you. If you are designing a house yourself you have total creative freedom. If you are having a builder design and build your home, make sure they are listening to you and what you want! If you are paying top dollar your home should look and feel top dollar. I’ve seen WAY too many “custom tiny homes” that builders are pooping out and they look like crap. It actually makes me really mad that some shmuck shelled out 80K for a home that looks like a rolling turd. Do your research and find a good builder, or just learn to build your own… you’ll have far more pride and knowledge about your house if you do it yourself!


As always we are here to answer questions and help you start your tiny journey! If you’re ever in our area come on by and see if our design is one that suites you OR is completely opposite of what you want!


Haley & Jared


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